About Us

Who we are. . . .

iSol Talent Consulting Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, has been a leading provider of Training and Consulting Services in the field of Education, IT and various other sectors since 2009. The company has a vast talent pool of trainers and consultants, with a high level of competency delivering a wide range of training programmes. Through its continued engagement in the skilling and training arena, the company has acquired a greater level of expertise and matured to be one of the preferred partners for various organizations.

What we do. . . .

With a strong grounding in the area of consulting iSol has has expanded its services to include Talent Acquisition and Management Consulting. Apart from assisting organizations in sourcing suitable candidates for their staffing requirements, the Talent acquisition team focusses on identifying the right candidates to handle the assigned responsibilities through proper background verification and screening. Management Consulting is provided as specialized service to corporates, which includes a variety of activities such as Organization Development Interventions, Leadership Training, Change Management,  Culture Building and 360 degree feedback.

 The Training and Consulting division, is engaged in conducting training programmes for

 * Skill Development

 * Institutional Training 

 * Soft Skills Training

Looking ahead. . . .

Guided by a strong vision and value system, iSol is poised to take giant steps in the training and consulting sector through its co-ordination with its partners and dedicated workforce who are determined to make things happen.