Culture Building

Organizational Culture is a collective term used to describe the set of values, assumptions, expectations, definitions, nature of processes and nature of interaction between people within an organization. Organizational culture determines the activities, thoughts and behaviour among the members of that particular organization. 

 The three basic building blocks of organizational culture are Behaviour, Symbols and Systems which deal with planning and budgeting process. The culture of an organization determines its performance. Organizational culture building is necessary to align the goals and results strategically. A change in Organizational culture is bound to affect employee attrition rates, customer satisfaction and lowering of running costs and improves results.

Development of organizational culture includes among others:

 * Development of a corporate identity.

 * Development of prominent values.

 * Building healty traditions.

 * Developing consistent management processes.

Some of the activities involved in building a strong OC are:

 * Recruitment and Selection

 * Socialization

 * Performance Evaluation.

 * Employee Motivation and Decision Making.

 * Compensation Packages.

 * Grievance Handling.

 * Conflicts & Differences handling.

 * Discipline & Morale.

 * Career Planing and Development.