Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the process of Leadership development through eperiential learning to achieve short term and long term organizational goals. It includes one to one and group methodologies identified on careful diagnosis of the organization's processes, involving the coach, the organization and the executive. Executive Coaching focusses on developing the leadership abilities to lead, influence and motivate others rather than acquiring basic skills.

 The practice of Executive Coaching happens to involve the following three levels:

 * Strategic planning and problem solving.

 * imparting Leadership skills to think and act in new ways to counter different situations.

 * Continous learning from experiences.

Executive Coaching partnership includes the following approaches:

 * identification of goals

 * preparation for future assignments

 * improvisation of skills

 * performance improvement

 Executive Coaching applies several practices, which may be listed down as:

 * problem solving 

 * role play

 * feedback

 * dialogue

 * use of various developmental resources

 * application of Leadership and management tools