Organizational Development Intervention

Organizational Development Intervation is a structured set of procedures to bring out change in performance and improve efficiency. They are applied to overcome a organizational problem or risk.

 ODI is applied by analysing the organization's processes and risk situation. It can be effectively implemted by communicating freely, Sharing a common goal, interacting more and taking up more responsibility.

 ODIs can be applied at the below mentioned levels:

 * Individual

 * Team

 * Process

 * Organization

  At the Individual Level ODis can be implemented through coaching, counselling, mentoring and motivation.

  Team level ODIs involve conflict management, Team Building, Group Facilitation and Group Learning.

  Process level ODIs include Six Sigma Assessment, Process Re-engineering, Continous Process Improvement and Benchmarking.

  At the Organization level ODIs involve Company-wide Survey, Organizational Learning, Accountability and Reward Systems, Strategic Planning and Mission, Vision and Values development.