Competency Matrix

Competency Matrix is a tool used to evaluate the desired competencies against the current skills and competencies of employees in their roles within an organization. It is used for skill gap analysis to determine training requirements and as an aid for overall employee development.

 Competency Matrix comes very handy for organizations as it helps in

 * Building a comprehensive list of competencies and skills required by the organization.

 * Developing a training plan and estimation of the budget by identify the training needs.

 * Planning for new skills needed in the long run.

 * Preparing a development by pooling the necessary skills.

 * Providing a basis for internal and external recruiting by identifying the right person for the role.

  The identified competencies can be grouped as below :

 * Behavioral competencies such as leadership, teamwork etc.

 * Managerial competencies such as decision making, communication etc.

 * Technical competencies such as indepth knowledge of machines.

 iSol provides competency mapping services to identify the corecompetencies and skill requirements of customers.