Training and Consulting

The Training and Consulting division of iSol is engaged in providing Skill Development & Vocational Training to Education and various other sectors. This wing partners with various Government agencies and departments such as NSDC, Department of Collegiate Education and others to provide need based quality oriented professional training to improve employment skills.

 The Training Department's primary activities include identification of Skill Development sectors, Training Material Preparation, Arranging Training programmes and placement of trained candidates. The process of identification of the training interventions required involves a detailed analysis of various study reports prepared by the NSDC and other Sector Skill Councils. The trainings are planned such that the benefeciaries find employment in their disciplines in the vicinity of their respective districts.

 Training process also involves careful selection of trainees through initial screening based on age and educational qualifications. The candidates get assesed post training and are provided placement assistance if found eligible after the assesment.

 Various partners from the NGO Sector are engaged for successful delivery of Training programmes. The training programmes fall under three major categories, vis a vis, Skill Development, Institutional Training and Soft Skills Training.